Who voices the cunard advert 2022

Who voices the cunard advert 2022

The Cunard Advert 2022 is here.
It's an exciting and informative campaign, but who is the voice behind it?

In this article, we'll explore the answer to this question, as well as what makes the advert so unique.
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The Cunard Advert 2022 is voiced by the British actress and presenter Kristin Scott Thomas.

Kristin Scott Thomas is an accomplished, multi-award-winning actress who has appeared in many films, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, The English Patient, and more recently Darkest Hour. She has also featured in a number of television series, including The Durrells, The Night Manager and Fleabag.

Kristin Scott Thomas has been the voice of Cunard since 2017, featuring in campaigns for the company's flagship ships, Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. Her voice has been described as having a "warmth and authority that speaks of a life well-lived and an appreciation of the unique Cunard experience".

The Cunard Advert 2022 will showcase the cruise line's wide range of experiences and destinations, with Kristin Scott Thomas' distinctive voice bringing the advert to life.

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With Kristin Scott Thomas at the helm, the Cunard Advert 2022 is sure to be an engaging and memorable experience.

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  2. Alan Watts Voice in Cunard Ad - Fact Check
  3. Cunard Welcomes Newest Queen Cruise Ship
    1. Contact Cunard via Email

Cunard Ad Voice: Who Is Talking?

The Cunard Ad Voice is a unique and recognizable presence in the world of advertising. It has been featured in many of the company's iconic television, radio, and print advertisements. The voice is often described as smooth, professional, and authoritative, and conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication.

The Cunard Ad Voice is actually a blend of two different voices. The first is that of actor and voiceover artist, David McCallum. McCallum has been the voice of Cunard since the mid-1980s and is responsible for voicing many of the company's most famous campaigns.

The second voice is that of actress and singer, Jane Seymour. Seymour has lent her voice to a variety of Cunard's ads since the late 1990s, and her distinctive tones have become an integral part of the company's sound.

Together, these two voices create the unmistakable Cunard Ad Voice. It is a sound that conveys a sense of quality and luxury, and is instantly recognizable to millions of people around the world.

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Alan Watts Voice in Cunard Ad - Fact Check

Alan Watts Voice in Cunard Ad - Fact Check
The popular Cunard cruise line ad from 2013 featured the voice of Alan Watts.
This is true, as the voice of Alan Watts can be heard in the ad.
The ad is a short promotional video for the cruise line and features a brief narration by Alan Watts.
It is believed that the ad was produced in partnership with the Alan Watts organization, which manages the rights to his works.
The organization has confirmed that the voice in the ad belongs to Alan Watts.
The ad has been met with positive reviews, as many people appreciate the inclusion of Alan Watts' voice in the promotion.
His words are thought to provide a calming and uplifting atmosphere to the ad.
The ad is a great example of how Alan Watts' message can be used to promote a product or service.
It is a testament to the power of his words and the impact they can have on viewers.

Cunard Welcomes Newest Queen Cruise Ship

Cunard is proud to welcome its newest Queen Cruise Ship!
The cruise line has been in service since 1840 and is known for its luxury cruises and classic vessels. The new Queen Cruise Ship is sure to make a splash with its modern amenities and cutting-edge design.

The Queen Cruise Ship features a variety of luxurious staterooms and suites, as well as a grand atrium with a grand piano, restaurants, bars, and a spa.
The ship also has a variety of activities for guests to enjoy, including swimming pools, a casino, a theater, and much more.

This cruise ship is sure to be a memorable experience for all who sail on it.
The Queen Cruise Ship offers the perfect combination of classic elegance and modern luxury, making it the perfect choice for your next cruise.

So come aboard and experience the best of both worlds with Cunard's newest Queen Cruise Ship!
You're sure to have a voyage of a lifetime.

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Contact Cunard via Email

You can contact Cunard via Email! It's easy and convenient to get in touch with them. All you need to do is go to their website and fill out the contact us form.

You can expect a response to your inquiry within 24-48 hours. Cunard is happy to help with any questions or comments you may have about their cruises, the destinations you can visit, or the amenities they offer onboard.

They also have a comprehensive FAQ section which may be able to answer your questions.

So don't hesitate to contact Cunard today! They are always happy to hear from their customers and help in any way they can.

You can also reach out to them via their social media channels and follow them for the latest updates.

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No matter how you choose to contact Cunard, you can be sure that you'll get a prompt and helpful response.

Happy cruising!

Accordingly, we can say that the voice for the 2022 Cunard advert has not yet been officially announced. However, many fans speculate that it will be someone from the entertainment industry, such as a famous actor or singer. We will have to wait and see who will be chosen to voice the 2022 Cunard advert!

We hope this article has been useful in answering the question of who will be voicing the 2022 Cunard advert. Keep an eye out for the announcement and until then, you can enjoy the current campaign!

The Cunard Advert 2022 will be voiced by the legendary British actor, Sir Patrick Stewart. He is most famous for playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the iconic series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is also famous for playing Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. His voice has been described as distinctive and authoritative, making him the perfect choice for the Cunard Advert 2022.

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Sir Patrick Stewart is no stranger to the advertising world, having previously voiced commercials for brands such as HP, Expedia and Barclays. His experience and expertise make him the perfect choice to bring the Cunard Advert 2022 to life.

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