There are a number of ways for you to do a Vodafone balance check. The quickest and most convenient way is through opening your My Vodafone app and subsequently clicking through the balance check options provided there. Another way is for you to log in to My Vodafone account online, where a Vodafone balance check option is also provided. If you are wondering how you can easily and quickly know how much credits you still have before you need to do a Vodafone online recharge or buy a Vodafone top up voucher, here are some of the ways to do a Vodafone balance check. 


You can do a Vodafone balance check without needing data access, just with your phone. Enter a short code (*#1345#) followed by the call button. This will display your remaining balance on your phone screen. If you would rather make a call and hear your balance over the phone, call 2345 on your Vodafone mobile. You will receive information about your remaining balance and data allowance. Remember that you should have your mobile device’s number on hand before you make your Vodafone balance check call since the voice prompts will ask for this information. 

vodafone balance check
How to check vodafone credit balance


If you would rather do your Vodafone balance check online, there are several possible ways to go about achieving this. First, you can check your credit and data balance online through your online Pay as You Go account. Remember that you will to be successfully registered before you can successfully complete this Vodafone balance check method. Registration may take some time and you may also be required to input certain details including your credit/debit card information. 

Next, you can use the My Vodafone app to do a Vodafone balance check on the go. It is an easy and enjoyable way to manage your prepaid account and track your current usage and allowances, so you are not surprised about the charges that you incur. Keep in mind that you will have to download the latest version of the app for your iOS or Android phone or mobile device before you successfully complete a Vodafone balance check using this method. 


It can be such as pain when you do a Vodafone balance check and realize that you have run out of credits or data allowance. Fortunately, topping up is easy with a Vodafone online recharge or with the purchase of a Vodafone top up voucher. Vodafone’s online account portal and app provides you with an easy way to top up your account. However, if you are doing a Vodafone online recharge of credits or data allowance for your friends or for people from other parts of the country, you will be better off using secure third party services. 

You can use Vodafone online recharge services which offer easy ways to top up your mobile devices and even that of your friends’ and family members’. These providers will require either your debit or credit card details so make sure that you have them on hand before you start the process. You can also try alternative payment methods such as PayPal. After you have made sure that you have enough balance on your preferred payment method, make sure that you have the correct number. The site will ask you to input this onto their number field, along with the country code.  

Recharge vodafone balance
Recharge vodafone balance


You can also recharge your credit by purchasing a Vodafone top up voucher. There are many online shops which sell these. Even the network’s official app and online portal makes this easily possible. After you have made your purchase, activate your Vodafone top up voucher easily and quickly through the app. You can also redeem it by calling 2345 free from your phone. Alternatively, you can also dial *#1345* followed by your TopUp voucher number and then press #. As an example, use this: *#1345*123456789123# to redeem your voucher. 

After doing this, make sure that you check your balance to ensure that you have successfully completed the process and that your balance has been successfully recharged. 

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