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Bestseller No. 1
DFV mobile - Car GPS Navigation Dashboard Mobile Phone Holder Clip for Vodafone Smart Mini 7 - Black
  • Safe driving! Stay safe with your gps in front of your eyes at all times. Using this mount, you won't have the danger of looking far from the road to check the gps or smartphone!
  • Solid and stable, with silicone texture for greater care and a firm grip. Elegant, compact and unique design. One-handed operation and easy to use.
  • Support for most smartphones, with a 13 cm clamp opening and up to a 90 degree angle.
  • Please make sure your upper dashboard is good to be held by the clip before purchase. If your upper dashboard is too thin to grip, you can add some non-slip padding between the grip to tighten it
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Bestseller No. 2
DFV mobile - Phone Holder Support for Bicycle and Motorcycle Handlebars Automatic and Swivel 360 for Vodafone Smart Mini 7 - Black
  • The holder is supplied with a standard handlebar clamp bracket with a minimum diameter of 2.0 cm and a maximum diameter of 4.5 cm. The mount can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to view your smartphone horizontally or vertically.
  • Suitable holder for 4.0-6.0 inch cellphone designs for your bike. Use navigation, monitoring or GPS applications safely. Pull and fasten the clamp, firmly catch the bicycle handlebar, remove the mobile phone and the bracket when you reach your destination.
  • Support bracket for the four corners. Solid support and shock-free stabilization. Screw device with base fixing clamp. Corners with shock absorbing non-slip cushion to protect from damaging the device.
  • It does not lock the buttons and you can use your smartphone normally even secured to this bracket. Humanized design, does not affect the display information, allowing the entire screen to be seen. Small and light, it does not increase the weight of the bicycle. Free turn to adjust the angle 360º to meet different visual requirements.
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Bestseller No. 3
DFV mobile - Genuine Leather Case Handbag for VODAFONE Smart Mini 7 - Black
  • Multifunction design, 3 compartments, includes a purse and a card holder, with zipper. The bag has enough space to store one or two phones, cash, cards, bills, etc.
  • With belt loop and hand strap with carabiner to take it more comfortably.
  • This case is made of strong and soft natural leather, and the interior is finished with a soft nylon fabric. High quality and modern design case to not only store your smartphone, but everything you need.
  • INTERNAL MEASURES: 18,5 x 12,7 x 3,8 cm
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