The name Vodafone comes from voice data fone (the latter is a stylized spelling of the word “phone”). This name was selected by the company to make customers more aware of what they stand for – which is the provision of Vodafone coverage and voice and data services over mobile phones. Since its establishment in 1982 as the Racal Strategic Radio Ltd subsidiary of Racal Electronics, the UK’s largest maker of military radio technology, the company has undergone several name and company setup changes to evolve into the Vodafone we know today. 

Although it has headquarters in London. There are also Vodafone coverage and services in countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Vodafone owns and operates Vodafone 3G and Vodafone 4G networks in 25 countries. It also has partner networks in 47 other countries. One of its divisions, Vodafone Global Enterprise, furnishes telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in more than 150 countries. In terms of mobile customers. The company only ranks second to China Mobile among a number of operator groups across the world.


Vodafone Coverage Locations 

The Vodafone 4G network is considered as one of the best in numerous countries and now provides Vodafone coverage for millions of people. The network is available across the world from Ghana to Greece, England to Egypt, India to Ireland. The company produces some of the best solutions and the most rewarding results for its loyal customers. They continue to invest in retail locations which aim to increase their ability to serve their customer base better. 


Signal strength is determined by a number of factors, but also primarily by one’s distance from a network’s nearest mast. In general, heavily populated areas such as city centers are preferable for getting better Vodafone coverage than the countryside. Nevertheless, it is possible to have dead zones, or those places where coverage is widely unavailable, in both places. Major networks like Vodafone have an online coverage checker.  

Checking Vodafone coverage before you decide to avail of any of the network’s plans is crucial. As each network may have better or worse coverage than others where you live and work. Although they are not 100% accurate. Because Vodafone 3G or Vodafone 4G signal strength can be impacted by certain considerations such as tall buildings or thick walls. These provide you with a good idea of the coverage you can expect to get in various places. 

The Vodafone coverage checker featured on the company’s website indicates what data speeds are available in user areas. In order to check the speed for your location. You only need to enter your postal code and choose the option to View Data Speed. If you have downloaded the My Vodafone app. You can also check your Vodafone 3G or Vodafone 4Gspeed by going to Network Satisfaction. After this, click Check Data & Wi-Fi speed to monitor your data speed. 


Alternatively, Vodafone also recommends checking your Vodafone 3G Vodafone 4G speed by download Vodafone Net Perform. This is a free app which users can download from the App Store 

 However, you should remember that Vodafone coverage will vary by location. These apps and checkers will only show a computer generated prediction of coverage in a specific area. This means that you should only see it as a guide and not as a guarantee of actual signal coverage. 

The Vodafone coverage maps were recently updated by the company on its website to show the Vodafone coverage that is available through their own network. However, coverage is still available in all of the Vodafone 3G Regional zones where the company uses a third party network. However, the company warns that it cannot guarantee the future availability of these Vodafone coverage areas. 

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