Should've gone to specsavers advert

Should've gone to specsavers advert

Should've gone to specsavers advert

The world of advertising is constantly changing.

It's important to find the right balance between creating something that stands out and something that is effective.

The "Should've gone to SpecSavers" advert is an iconic example.

It's an effective ad that has won awards, and is a classic case study in how to make an advert that has staying power.

In this article, we'll look at how the advert works.
Should've Gone To Specsavers Advert
The Should've Gone To Specsavers advert is a very recognizable British television commercial campaign created by the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

The campaign was launched in 2003 to promote Specsavers opticians and has been running ever since. It features various humorous situations in which an individual’s poor vision has caused them to make a mistake. The adverts end with the tagline “Should’ve Gone to Specsavers”.

The campaign has been hugely successful, and has won numerous awards, including the British Television Advertising Award for Best Campaign in 2005. It has been widely praised for its humour and effectiveness in promoting the Specsavers brand.

The campaign has also been parodied in British television programmes, including the BBC comedy show Little Britain. The catchphrase “Should’ve Gone to Specsavers” has even become part of the British vernacular, and is often used in everyday speech.

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  1. 2022 Specsavers Advert: Who's In It?
  2. Meet the Cast of the New Specsavers Advert
  3. Optimise Your Vision: Go to Specsavers
    1. Who Is The Man In Specsavers Ads?

2022 Specsavers Advert: Who's In It?

The 2022 Specsavers Advert has yet to be released, but speculation is already beginning to mount about who will be in it!

It's rumoured that the popular British actor, John Boyega, could be in the lineup for the new advert. He is well known for his roles in the Star Wars and Attack the Block franchises, and could make a great addition to the Specsavers Advert.

The 2022 Specsavers Advert could also feature the British comedian, Steve Coogan.
He is well known for his work in the Alan Partridge and Saxondale franchises, and could bring a lot of humour to the Specsavers Advert.

It's also likely that the 2022 Specsavers Advert will feature some big name musicians.
Names like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith have been mentioned, and they could bring a great energy to the advert.

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We can't wait to see who will be in the 2022 Specsavers Advert, and what it will be like!

Meet the Cast of the New Specsavers Advert

Introducing the new cast of the Specsavers Advert
The new Specsavers Advert has brought together an amazing cast of talented actors and comedians, who bring the story to life and provide plenty of laughs.
Leading the cast is comedian and actor Paul Whitehouse, best known for his roles in The Fast Show and the comedy series Harry & Paul. Joining him is comedian and author Shappi Khorsandi and actress and writer Sally Phillips, who have both appeared in a number of hit shows including Miranda and Bridget Jones's Diary.
The cast is also joined by actor and comedian Adam Buxton, who has appeared in shows such as Peep Show and Doctor Who, and actress and singer Lolly Adefope, who has starred in a number of television programmes, including Motherland and Smack the Pony. Rounding up the cast is actor and writer Simon Day, who has performed in many of the BBC's classic comedies, including The Fast Show and The League of Gentlemen.
Each of the cast members brings a unique energy and style to the Specsavers Advert, making it an entertaining and enjoyable watch.

Optimise Your Vision: Go to Specsavers

Optimise Your Vision: Go to Specsavers
At Specsavers, you can get the best of eyecare services, including eye tests, glasses and contact lenses. With the latest technology and experienced opticians, they are able to ensure you get the best vision possible.
They offer a wide range of frames, from classic to modern styles, so you are sure to find something that suits you. With competitive prices, you can be sure of getting a great deal.
Specsavers also offers a variety of contact lenses, so you can choose the right lenses for your eyes. They provide comprehensive aftercare and advice to ensure you get the best out of your lenses.
So if you are looking to optimise your vision, then look no further than Specsavers. With their experienced opticians, latest technology and great prices, you can be sure of getting the best possible eyecare.

Who Is The Man In Specsavers Ads?

The Man in Specsavers Ads is a character created by the optician chain Specsavers. He is portrayed by the British actor, comedian and impressionist, Hugh Dennis.

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He is known as the Specsavers Man and has appeared in television commercials and other marketing campaigns since 2005.

The character of the Specsavers Man is a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable figure who encourages viewers to visit Specsavers for their eye health.

He is often seen giving advice to customers, such as reminding them to get their eyes tested regularly and to check their glasses for damage.

The Specsavers Man has become a well-known figure in the UK and has become synonymous with the brand.

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He has even been the subject of parodies in popular culture, showing his widespread recognition.


The "Should've gone to specsavers" advert has been a success, as it has been able to engage viewers and drive them to action. It has also been able to deliver its message in an entertaining and humorous way. The advert has been praised for its creativity and has become a popular topic of conversation among viewers. The success of this advert demonstrates the power of creative and innovative advertising.

It also shows that, when done correctly, humour can be a very effective way of communicating a message to an audience. Advertising can be a powerful tool in raising awareness of a brand and its products and services. With the right creative approach, companies can create impactful and memorable adverts that will stay with the viewers for a long time.

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Overall, the "Should've gone to specsavers" advert has been an effective example of how humour and creativity can be used to convey a message in an engaging and memorable way.

The Should've Gone to Specsavers advertising campaign has been an iconic part of British culture since its inception in 2002. The humorous ads feature two elderly characters, whose mishaps and misfortunes are brought about due to their poor vision. The campaign serves to promote the importance of eye tests and the range of eyewear available from Specsavers.

The campaign has been so successful due to its humorous approach to a serious subject; it has become a recognisable part of British popular culture. The ads have been an effective way to engage the public with the Specsavers brand, and the clever writing and endearing characters have earned the campaign numerous awards.

Since its launch, the Should've Gone to Specsavers campaign has become a much-loved part of British advertising and continues to entertain viewers across the UK.

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