Sharon Stone Accuses Sony Executive of Sexual Harassment, Claiming Indecent Exposure

Sharon Stone Accuses Sony Executive of Sexual Harassment, Claiming Indecent Exposure
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2023-11-19 18:19:05

Sharon Stone Opens Up About Harassment from Former Sony Executive

In a revelatory discussion on Kelly Ripa's podcast "Let's Talk Off Camera", Sharon Stone shared a troubling encounter with sexual harassment. She recounted an incident where the one-time head of Sony made an unsolicited and explicit display of his genitals during a business meeting in the 1980s, well before Stone rose to fame with her roles in hit movies.

The actress withheld the identity of the Sony boss in question. Stone expressed her enthusiasm for the meeting at the time, recalling she had dressed with care, choosing an outfit complete with a Ralph Lauren jacket and a denim skirt detailed with ruffles, finished with cowboy boots.

Describing the scene at the Sony executive's office, Stone said, "It was those very low giant couches and my knees were around my neck." The boss showered her with praises, calling her "the most gorgeous" and "articulate," before shockingly exposing himself to her. Overwhelmed by the situation, Stone laughed and cried hysterically. As she tried to collect herself, the executive eventually retracted and left the room, leaving her alone until his secretary guided her out.

Stone, reflecting on her past experiences in Hollywood, expressed that she is open to accepting apologies from those who have wronged her. However, she conveyed a stern warning to those who have not atoned for their actions, making it clear that any unapologetic individuals should avoid her presence or risk a public confrontation.

The accomplished actress, whose recent work includes a role in the series "The Flight Attendant" and the romance film "What About Love," remains firm in her stance. Her entire conversation is available on the "Let's Talk Off Camera" podcast.

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