OnePlus 6T 8 GB RAM 128 GB SIM-Free Smartphone – Midnight Black (2 Year Manufacturer Warranty) – Unveliable sale

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  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 18.2 x 9.8 cm; 185 Grams
  • Date First Available: 30 April 2018
  • Manufacturer: OnePlus
  • Item model number: 6T


  • Screen Unlock – In-screen Fingerprint sensor
  • Display Type: 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED, 2340 x 1080 resolution, 402 pixels per inch, 19.5:9 aspect ratio
  • Camera resolution: 20 megapixel dual main camera and 16 megapixel front camera
  • Memory capacity: 128 GB of internal memory; Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Fast charge – a day’s power in half an hour
  • SIM card...

    User reviews

    I've used this for the past two weeks so it's had enough time for a fair assessment I think. I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S6 that I'd had for just over 3 years but it was clear it was never going to get anything other than security updates and as such was starting to suffer when using apps that were being made shinier and sharper to take advantage of phones with more RAM and CPU speed. Additionally the battery life was abysmal towards the end requiring it to charge at least twice a day. Despite this the S6 was an excellent phone, even more so when you consider that at time of purchase 3 years ago I bought it from Amazon on a warehouse deal for £342. My wife has the same phone and has no issues with it than mine had towards the end of its life. Great, that sounds like a steal and it's great that it lasted 3 years but what does it have to do with the OnePlus 6T?Well, for starters do I think that in 3 years time I will still be using the 6T - I think technology has moved on so much in the past 3 years of phones that it is likely that this could well be as quick in future as it is now. I have the 8gb RAM model, and compared to the S6 it replaced that had 3gb, there is a mountain of headroom available.It has not gone unnoticed that phone prices have noticeably increased in the last 3 years. This will undoubtedly become the new normal as manufacturers strive to pack in the best specs and features to attract people to upgrade. At £529 this is as expensive as a midrange laptop that arguably would serve you for longer than a 2 year mobile update cycle, so even though many reviews scream about the value that OnePlus brings to the table lets remember that the OnePlus devices of old were absolute bargains. This is now only a relative bargain when you compare it against Apple/Samsung and there are plenty of alternatives in the Mate 20 etc. in similar price brackets. It's also nearly £200 more than I paid for my last phone, so do I think that is reflected in the product? Yes, and no. The compromise is that by paying more, I'm getting more (CPU, RAM, OS update) but I'm also getting less. Yeah, I've got a larger screen but it's less PPI than my S6 and not as bright. It's still a good screen, but it's a cost saver. Build quality is no better than my S6 but that's not a bad thing as the build quality on both is fantastic. But if I want both of these to be upped, then you're looking at another £200 to go to S9+ territory.I won't lie, it's fast - but I can't tell you how fast as this is subjective on your last phone. There is no lag or loss of control in any apps I have used. What isn't as fast is the in-display fingerprint reader, which has been relegated to secure authentication within apps only as the face-unlock is disgustingly fast. Yes, it's only optical so will be fooled by a photo of you, but its secure enough for the instant-unlock trade off.Oxygen OS - it's better than stock. Having had a Nexus 4 followed by a 'stock' theme on my S6 this is hands down the best version of Android I've used.Camera - I don't think this is much better than the excellent camera on my old S6, but then I don't use my phone as my primary camera or view my pictures on a larger screen so your opinion may vary.The notch - if you have to have one, this is how to do it. Unobtrusive and only extends into the notification area slightly.Headphone jack - there isn't one. Although they do supply a USB C adapter, so there is that. I get that the days of the 3.5 jack are numbered on high end phones due to space, but I could do without having to remember to charge a set of headphones every two days, especially when mine are not charged by USB C so need a separate charger cable.No removable storage - you know, I've had phones with removable storage options and I'm with manufacturers on not having these. I get that you want to bring you songs with you, but 128gb is absolutely enough to load your most-listened-to library onto and for everything else there is streaming. Well done for OnePlus making 128gb the base storage amount.No wireless charging - with a 3700MaH battery and dash charging this is an absolute non-issue for me, this is easily going 24 hours between charges with 6+ hours of screen on time. If it saved space to make that battery bigger then so be it! I don't miss not having it considering I used it quite a lot as my office charger/cradle for my S6.No IP rating - this costs money. From what I've seen test-wise online, your phone will be fine from accidental water exposure so this is again a non-issue. I've never once had a phone meet water in 18 years of mobile ownership, nor have I had one drop and smash. Gorilla Glass 6 should help to a degree, and the included bumper case is a nice touch but not for me - I prefer vinyl skins for rear protection.So, compromise. You want a phone that is fast, looks great and has new features but you don't want to pay £300 more for a headphone jack and a slightly sharper screen - this is the best phone on the market at its price point. It's still not cheap by historical phone price standards, but it's significantly better than anything upwards of £300 until £800.
    The 6T is a superb phone and OnePlus really know what they're doingExcellent handset, very well made, great screen with no fancy Edge etc. Comes pre-fitted with an OEM screen protector (I'd advise you leave this on); a basic case in the box, handy for you until you're chosen case arrives etcIt looks as premium as all the other top handsets; but this is half the price and still the same UX and functionality!Dual SIM (not some fancy eSIM that hardly anyone is supporting currently (ie for me O2 and Three); so you can still use 2 physical SIM cards6+ inch screen, great display, nothing stupidly fancy like Samsung that then charge you x2 the price for the privilege (personally I've sold a Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2 XL to move to the OP6T).A camera that takes perfectly good pictures; lets face it, if you really wanted the best photos, you'd buy a DLSRNear enough OEM Vanilla Android, no junk loaded onto the phone, no apps that aren't needed and no bloatware (you can remove any app you want as well as adding them). This is just a good platform as my previous Pixel 2 XL!Superbly fast Dash charging, I"d rather plug it in and have it fully charged in no time at all (this goes for the mains plug and the in-car charger) rather than fancy wireless fast charging that is only just a bit faster than it being plugged in (ie Samsung, Apple etc)If you want a decent phone that works, does everything you need and if you're like me and sick of carrying x2 handsets around (one business, one personal), then the OP6T is an ideal solution for this and IMO, you'll not look back!Well done OnePlus; yet again showing the big boys how it should be done
    Pure joy to use so fast my hair fell off.

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