I'm a Celebrity Contestants' Earnings Revealed

I'm a Celebrity Contestants' Earnings Revealed
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2023-11-20 19:30:05

  1. Payout Details for I'm a Celebrity Participants!
    1. Contestant Compensation

Payout Details for I'm a Celebrity Participants!

I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is making a comeback on screens for this year's action-packed season. The latest edition is set to premiere on a Sunday evening, offering a fresh batch of celebrities the challenge to clinch the prestigious title of King or Queen of the Castle. This season's participants range from well-known soap opera stars to high-profile TV hosts and a former politician who has sparked controversy and now appears on GB News.

The victorious competitor this year will seek to emulate Lioness Jill Scott, who earned the accolade of Queen of the Jungle in December of the previous year. Fans looking forward to the exciting new season might ponder the rewards that await the ultimate winner.

While aspiring to be victors, the contestants of I’m a Celebrity must come to terms with the fact that there is no monetary reward for securing the win. Participants are anointed King or Queen of the Jungle—or during the pandemic years, King or Queen of the Castle—sans a cash prize.

Contestant Compensation

The stars appearing on the show receive a fixed payment, which varies among individuals. While the exact figures often remain undisclosed, there is a consensus that the base line is in the region of £50,000 for participating in the jungle escapades.

The payment escalates with the celebrity’s fame and the eagerness of producers to have them on board. Last month, one of the show's prospects, Nigel Farage, divulged on his GB News program that he was extended an "quite a substantial sum of money" to partake. Farage revealed having been approached multiple times, each time with a generously hefty offer.

Catch the spectacle and all the jungle antics when I’m a Celebrity airs at 9pm on ITV.

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