Huawei Continues Android App Support for Global Devices

Huawei Continues Android App Support for Global Devices
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2023-11-21 08:10:01

  1. Huawei Solidifies App Support for Global Android Users 🌐
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Huawei Solidifies App Support for Global Android Users 🌐

In a recent development, Huawei has demonstrated commitment to providing ongoing support for Android applications on their international devices. Amidst the launch of HarmonyOS Next, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, indicated the company's direction in software advancements, leading to widespread speculation among users worldwide.

Huawei's suite of applications

To clarify, Huawei has stated that devices outside of China will not adopt the new HarmonyOS but will continue to run on EMUI, an operating system that resembles HarmonyOS and is built on the Android Open Source Project. EMUI will maintain its functionality without Google services and will support the traditional Android applications users have come to rely on.

Reinforcing their global developer network, Huawei is intent on bolstering support for creators worldwide. The company has cultivated a substantial collective of developers dedicated to optimizing the performance of Android apps available through alternative stores for its Google-independent devices.

Unwavering Commitment to Global Users has been the mantra for Huawei executives who have repeatedly confirmed their dedication to fostering growth for both smartphones and tablets in the international market, affirming their role as a vital contender in the mobile technology space.

Google Maps on Huawei device
Google Maps on a Huawei device with access to third-party app stores

Official statements from Huawei have reassured that the Emotion UI (EMUI) brand will persist on its international offerings. The changeover to HarmonyOS will only proceed when confidence is high that users are fully receptive to the transition.

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