How Connected Vehicle Data Is Shaping the Future of Transportation

How Connected Vehicle Data Is Shaping the Future of Transportation
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2023-11-21 12:20:59

Delving into the rapidly advancing sphere of investment technology, Phil DeFrancesco from Inrix offers a compelling argument for the indispensability of geolocation data in contemporary investment strategies.

It's an era of evolution in the investing world, with alternative data emerging as a transformative force in identifying remarkable opportunities and bolstering returns.

  1. The Pinnacle of Investment Innovation
  2. Geolocation Data: A Front-runner in Alternative Data
  3. The Edge of Connected Vehicle Data
  4. Steering Towards a Data-Driven Future

The Pinnacle of Investment Innovation

98% of investment enthusiasts support the notion that alternative data is crucial for uncovering avant-garde ideas and enhancing returns, as revealed by a study. Such data offers a multi-dimensional view of a company's condition and future prospects, effectively complementing quantitative and fundamental analysis.

The alternative data market is forecasted to scale up to a staggering £135.7 billion by 2030, reflecting its burgeoning success and potential, cited in a report.

Geolocation Data: A Front-runner in Alternative Data

Valued at £400 million, geolocation data shines in its ability to link on-the-ground activities with consumer patterns, financial health, and revenue insights. Among its facets, 'connected vehicle' data steals the spotlight.

By tracking truck activity, intricate insights into supply chain vitality are unveiled. Observing trucks at critical economic sites can provide an in-depth understanding of a company's output, distribution, and supply chain soundness, painting a comprehensive picture of its workings and profit potential.

The Edge of Connected Vehicle Data

When considering the superiority of connected vehicle data versus other geolocation datasets, its merits are evident, particularly when contrasted with mobile phone data.

Mobile data, once treasured for its insights into human behavior, is now subject to heightened privacy apprehensions and stiffer regulations. This has led to a decline in its quality and reliability.

On the contrary, connected vehicle data exhibits accuracy regarding vehicular movements and maintains a respect for privacy by focusing on vehicles instead of individuals. This dataset is crucial as it imparts comprehensive details on both trucks and cars, enriching the overall analysis.

Steering Towards a Data-Driven Future

In the cutthroat world of investment, leveraging every possible advantage is vital. Connected vehicle data emerges as a powerful asset, yielding insights into consumer behavior and supply chain intricacies, and potentially predicting a company's growth trajectory ahead of conventional financial indicators.

Amidst a deluge of data, the true value lies in high-quality, relevant, and actionable insights. Connected vehicle data stands as a pillar of sound investment decisions, leading the way with its precision and scope.

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