Fans Critique Stacey Solomon's Homemade Decorations

Fans Critique Stacey Solomon's Homemade Decorations
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2023-11-21 03:52:04

Fans Critique Stacey Solomon's DIY Holiday Ornaments 🎄

Stacey Solomon has addressed critics who were less than impressed with her Christmas decorations.

The presenter and mother, known for her role on Loose Women, often shares her passion for DIY projects with her fans. Stacey takes particular joy in dressing up her residence, affectionately named Pickle Cottage, with handmade festive décor.

She recently took to repurposing old items such as space hoppers into festive adornments like an immense nutcracker and a set of Christmas bells. However, the latter, painted in gold and crowned with a bow, sparked some mixed reactions among her 5.8 million followers.

Through her Instagram Stories, Stacey responded with a touch of humour: "I’ve woken up this morning to a lot of you messaging me saying, ‘Stace, your Christmas bells are s***,’ I’m laughing because I thought they were really good... And you lot are like, ‘What is that Stacey, it’s s***’. It’s really tickled me," she shared light-heartedly.

She continued to reflect on the subjective nature of beauty and the unpredictable outcome of crafts. Despite some projects being hits and others misses, Stacey maintained her positive attitude: "I still stand by that when they are amongst all the other Christmas stuff at the front door, they’ll look good and they’ll make sense."

Unfazed by the disapproval, the Essex star was spotted recently with spouse Joe Swash and their family enjoying seasonal delights at the opening of Skate at Somerset House. It's clear Stacey won't let a few negative comments dim her holiday spirits. 🎅🏼✨

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