British Library Hit by Ransomware Attack, Leading to Service Disruptions

British Library Hit by Ransomware Attack, Leading to Service Disruptions
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2023-11-21 03:03:33

British National Library Hit by Cybersecurity Incident

The British Library has disclosed that a major disruption in service earlier this month was the outcome of a ransomware cyberattack. The onslaught on the library's systems has resulted in significant downtime, with online services, Wi-Fi access, and internal systems impacted. Efforts toward recovery are progressing, albeit at a gradual pace.

Continued Service Interruptions since the attack have left the British Library's digital portal inaccessible for three weeks. Despite this, the institution – the pivotal hub for bibliographic resources in the UK – is actively working on remediation and safeguarding operations. They are diligently working with the London Metropolitan Police, the National Cyber Security Centre, and independent cybersecurity experts to conduct a comprehensive forensic examination of the incident.

While the institution has not disclosed the specific ransomware group responsible for the attack, it acknowledges the involvement of actors notorious for these illegal exploits. The library projects to revive the majority of its services in the upcoming weeks, though some services may continue to face disruptions for an extended duration.

Library Services Amidst Cyber Recovery

In the light of the ongoing situation, the British Library assures that it will proceed with its scheduled public events. Both on-site and online events will carry on as planned. While the main website remains offline, correspondence can be maintained via email communication, despite an expected influx of inquiries during this period.

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