Affidea Announces Creation of 120 New Jobs in Belfast Expansion

Affidea Announces Creation of 120 New Jobs in Belfast Expansion
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2023-11-20 14:50:49

  1. Expanding Healthcare Horizons: Affidea's New Investment in Belfast
    1. The Next Chapter in Belfast's Healthcare Excellence
    2. Making High-Quality Healthcare Accessible
    3. Affidea's Growing Presence in Ireland
    4. A Significant Employment Boost

Expanding Healthcare Horizons: Affidea's New Investment in Belfast

Affidea, the renowned healthcare provider, is significantly enhancing its services across Ireland. The company has successfully added 60 new roles as part of a major nationwide expansion, with plans to further cement its position as a leading healthcare facilitator.

The Next Chapter in Belfast's Healthcare Excellence

Not resting on its laurels, Affidea is set to introduce 120 highly-skilled job opportunities in Belfast by opening a state-of-the-art medical facility. This purpose-designed clinic will specialize in orthopaedic care, offering extensive medical services, including an express care clinic, advanced operating theatres, comprehensive endoscopy services, and fully-equipped consultant suites.

With a cutting-edge diagnostic imaging department equipped with MRI, CT, DEXA, and more, the facility is poised to accommodate up to 50,000 patients annually. This development mirrors the high-quality services provided by Affidea at its existing trio of clinical establishments in Northern Ireland and its specialized orthopaedics centre in London.

Making High-Quality Healthcare Accessible

"The ability to deploy our centre of excellence model in orthopaedics is something we are very proud of. Access to high-quality healthcare for all is a core focus for us," stated Barry Downes, CEO of Affidea Ireland, emphasizing the brand's commitment to healthcare accessibility.

Affidea's Growing Presence in Ireland

Meanwhile, Affidea continues to broaden its Irish footprint with a new diagnostics clinic set to open in Charlestown, Co Dublin. This expansion includes an additional eight MRI machines strategically placed in Mallow, Drogheda, Limerick, and Athlone, augmenting the company's diagnostic capabilities.

"This additional investment will facilitate improved access for patients on both sides of the border. We pride ourselves on ensuring we always have the most modern equipment and clinical facilities available to our patients," Downes conveyed, highlighting the cross-border benefit.

A Significant Employment Boost

This investment heralds the creation of over 180 new roles, encompassing a dynamic mix of clinical and non-clinical positions. Prospective applicants can discover a world of opportunity in roles ranging from radiographers, doctors, and nurses to essential managerial and administrative functions. Currently, Affidea's dynamic team involves over 400 professionals dedicated to transforming healthcare in Ireland.

For further details on career opportunities, visit Affidea's official careers page 🌐.

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