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How much is Sam Huntington's Net Worth? Discover the Surprising Figures!.

Publish date: 2024-02-04 15:02:00

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  1. How Much is Sam Huntington Worth?
  2. Early Career and Breakthroughs
  3. Being Human and Other Notable Works
  4. Television Appearances
  5. Personal Life and Family

How Much is Sam Huntington Worth?

Sam Huntington, an American actor, has a net worth of $2 million. Born in April 1982 in Peterborough, New Hampshire, Sam Huntington gained recognition for his role as Josh Levison in the popular television series, Being Human. He comes from a family with a strong acting background, as his great-uncle was the acclaimed actor Ralph Bellamy. Notably, Huntington received an Academy Award for lifetime achievement in honor of his great-uncle's contributions to the entertainment industry.

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Early Career and Breakthroughs

Sam Huntington's acting journey began with his debut role in the TV movie Harvest of Fire in 1996. Following that, in 1997, he landed a significant role in the film Jungle 2 Jungle. The same year, he made his TV series debut in Law & Order. However, it was from 2007 to 2008 that Huntington gained wider recognition through his portrayal of Andy Claybrook in the series Cavemen.

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Being Human and Other Notable Works

Huntington's most renowned role to date is that of werewolf Josh Levison in the SyFy series Being Human. Apart from this, he has appeared in several notable movies including Detroit Rock City, Not Another Teen Movie, Rolling Kansas, Home of Phobia, In Enemy Hands, Raising Genius, Sleepover, River's End, Superman Returns, Fanboys, Tug, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, Three Night Stand, and the 2014 Veronica Mars movie.

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Television Appearances

In addition to his film career, Sam Huntington has also made guest appearances in various television shows such as CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Veronica Mars, Human Target, Glenn Martin DDS, and Warehouse 13.

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Personal Life and Family

Sam Huntington married actress Rachel Klein in 2006, and they are blessed with two children.

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