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How much does Jennifer Aniston's impressive net worth truly amount to?.

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  1. What is Jennifer Aniston's net worth and salary?
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  3. Movie Earnings
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  5. Jennifer Aniston Friends Salary
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  7. Apple TV Salary
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What is Jennifer Aniston's net worth and salary?

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, producer, and spokeswoman who has a net worth of $320 million. She consistently earns $20+ million per year from acting and endorsements.

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Wealth Milestones

  • jennifer became one of the highest-paid actresses in the world after receiving a salary bump ahead of the seventh season. She has ranked on the list every year since then. She was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2003, with $21 million in total earnings. Today, she consistently earns $25-30 million per year.

Movie Earnings

Between 1997 and 2011 alone, Jennifer earned $75 million from film paychecks. For much of that time, she commanded $8 million per movie. One of Jennifer's highest film paychecks was the $10 million she made from 2011's Just Go With It.


Jennifer is one of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers in the world. Over the years, she has earned a fortune endorsing brands like L'Oreal, Smartwater, Emirates, Eyelove, and Aveeno. Today Jennifer makes around $10 million per year from endorsements alone. She has also created six fragrances (as of this writing).

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Jennifer Aniston Friends Salary

For the first season of Friends, each cast member earned $22,500 per episode. That works out to $540,000 for the first season. Their salaries were boosted to $40,000 per episode in the second season. That works out to $960,000 for the second season. Ahead of the third season, when their contracts were up, the cast banded together to negotiate as a group. They ended up with a deal that paid $75,000 per episode of season three ($1.875 million for the season), $85,000 for season 4 ($2.04 million), $100,000 for season 5 ($2.5 million), and $125,000 in season 6 ($3.125 million). Ahead of season 7, the cast negotiated for a massive raise. They each ended up earning $750,000 per episode in seasons 7 and 8 ($18 million per season). For seasons 9 and 10, each cast member earned $1 million per episode. That works out to $24 million for season 9 and $18 million for season 10. If you total it all up, each cast member of Friends earned around $90 million in base salary alone from the show before backend bonuses and on-going royalties.

Friends Royalties

As part of their 2000 contract negotiations, the cast was able to demand backend points on the show, which would allow them to earn royalties off the show's sale into syndication. Up to that point, the only other TV stars who had ownership stakes in shows were Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby. Friends continues to generate north of $1 billion per year in syndication royalties and streaming deals. It has been reported that each cast member in some years can earn $10-20 million in royalties alone.

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Apple TV Salary

For her role on the Apple TV show "The Morning Show," both Jennifer and her co-star Reese Witherspoon earned $1.25 million per episode. As of this writing, that's the fifth-highest amount of money ever paid to an actor on a per-episode basis.

Personal Life and Relationships

In 2000, Aniston married longtime boyfriend Brad Pitt in an elaborate ceremony in Malibu. The two split in 2005, and Aniston has since been linked with a series of Hollywood actors, including Vince Vaughn and singer John Mayer. For a number of years, she was romantically linked to actor/writer Justin Theroux. They began dating in May 2011, got engaged in August 2012, and were married in August 2015. But the couple split at the end of 2017.

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Real Estate

In January 2012, Jennifer spent $20.1 million to buy a home in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. This house sits on 3.25 acres of property. Built in the mid-60s, the 8,500 square foot home sports four bedrooms, six bathrooms, another 1/2 bath, and open-plan design. The substantial estate also holds a swimming pool, a separate guesthouse, and a private vineyard. Additionally, the estate has a large area for cars, and a series of walls that afford the owner almost total privacy.

In 2006, shortly after her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jennifer spent $13.5 million on a home in Beverly Hills, which she proceeded to remodel from the ground up, at a cost of several million dollars. She sold this house in 2011 for $35 million.

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Jennifer also owns at least $10 million worth of property in New York City. Jennifer's Manhattan apartment is one of 23 in an exclusive building. The unit spans more than half the whole floor at 2,873 square feet of living space. It has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, with the master bedroom offering views of Gramercy Park. The whole condo is filled with floor-to-ceiling windows and vaulted ceilings reaching as high as 11.8 feet up. This spreads natural light across the hardwood floors throughout the home. Additional features include a wood-burning fireplace, spa-like bathrooms, a powder room, walk-in master closet, and top-of-the-line Miele appliances. This building is part of the Gramercy luxury boutique hotel, which gives Jennifer Aniston access to the hotel's 5-star services and amenities. Included with her purchase are housekeeping, valet service, room service, butler service, catering, event planning, car detailing service, personal shopping, and a delivery service. She also gets a free membership to the hotel's high-end David Barton Gym and Spa and access to Gramercy Park, Manhattan's only private park. This list of services gets thrown into the $11,000 monthly HOA fee.

In 2022, Aniston purchased a $15 million Montecito farmhouse from Oprah Winfrey. Her neighbors are Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Ariana Grande.

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